Agate Shovel Necklace - Brass

$170.00 USD

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Complete your party necklace stack with this beautiful hand crafted necklace, featuring a cylinder shaped pendant with agate stone and hand made twisting detail.

Shovel charm inside. Necklace is oxidized to give an antique rustic look.

Each necklace from AUMI is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. 

Unlike mass-produced items, every AUMI necklace is hand made with love, dedication and the expertise of our makers, which is a testament to slow, artisanal craftsmanship. By choosing an AUMI necklace you support the invaluable work and artistry of our talented artisans.

The Details


  • Intricate design at top and bottom done by hand
  • Hidden shovel charm inside cylinder pendant
  • Long & thick chain for durability
  • Oxidized to create antique look


  • Brass body 100%
  • Green agate stone
Size & Fit

Fitting Information

  • Necklace hangs 18 inches down.
  • Cylinder pendant is approximately 5cm long


Product Demonstration

This video demonstrates how the AUMI spoon necklaces work. Gently lift the pendant, which slides up the chain to reveal the hidden spoon or shovel. Please note product in video is the "Opal Shovel" and may differ from the product you're viewing, however all Spoon necklaces work the same way.

The Perfect Gift!

AUMI spoon necklaces are a perfect gift for friends or loved ones, especially those that enjoy parties! Every AUMI necklace comes in beautiful packaging. You may request gift wrapping also in the notes at the chekout.