Abundance Amulet


Hand crafted necklace made from 925 sterling silver and a citrine crystal.  

The symbol on the front is the ancient rune symbol FEHU. The rune of Fehu symbolizes two branches which grow off of a tree, or two horns of a cow. The literal meaning of "Fehu" is "cattle", which in the past was a clear representation of a family's wealth. In short the simple version is that it signifies wealth and prosperity through the ownership of cattle but the meaning is much deeper and more nuanced than this simple version.

Today, it signifies dynamic wealth & abundance, money and possessions. Fehu also associates the energy of the hard and honest work as a way to earn wealth. It can also be interpreted as spiritual, emotional, and moral wealth.

Characteristics: Good health, wealth, realized ambition, good fortune, love fulfilled. A reminder to remember to show compassion and be charitable. 

The stone in the necklace is citrine.