Bedouin Vest


Amazing bohemian chic hooded vest, perfect for desert or beach parties. Made from 100% cotton thread that is hand woven by villages in the rice fields of Indonesia on a handloom. This fabric takes up to 3 months to weave. It is soft and medium weight and can be worn over clothing on against bare skin.

Given the fabric takes a lot of time and work hand make on a loom, I am only able to make a small number of these vests each year. 

There a two sizes, S/M is a small to medium and M/L is  a medium to large and is slightly longer for taller guys, or if you like it oversized. If you have any sizing questions email me or hit me up on Instagram @aumi in my direct messages. 

First Model is 6 ft 1 and wears size S/M

Second Model is 6 ft 3 and wears M/L